Friday 7 August 2015

Best Root Canal Treatment in Noida

Cozmodentist provides best root canal treatment in Noida. Comodentist is advanced dental hospital located in Noida and its Chief doctor is Dr Pavan.

Root Canal treatment in used to treat damaged pulp of a tooth.In this process, Damaged pulp is removed and vaccum is filled and sealed. After complete cleaning of tooth, root canal is closed.

root canal treatment

What is pulp? Pulp, a soft substance, is located in center of tooth. It contain connective tissue, nerve and blood vessel.
Poor oral hygiene is main reason for all dental problems. Due to poor hygiene, cavity is formed. If this cavities untreated, after some time pulp will be affected and lead to ranal canal problem.

Symptoms of pulp disease

  • Teeth or Tooth pain when eat something
  • Sudden pain in mouth.
  • Mouth Infection

Cost of Root Canal Treatment

Root canal is not quite expensive treatment. Dentist's charges depends on number of root canal to be treated, number of sessions and difficulty of treatment.


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