Friday, 8 July 2016

Flash Your Smile With Tooth Cleaning And Polishing

A bright and attractive smile always creates a good impression. A smile can convey many things. A pleasing smile is always an asset, it makes people respond in a positive way. To get a perfect smile, shiny and beautiful teeth  are needed. Periodic tooth cleaning and polishing can maintain your oral hygiene , health and will gift you an attractive smile.   

Tooth Cleaning: It is the process of removing plaque (bacteria infected film) and other deposits from the teeth. The main purpose of cleaning is to prevent cavities and other tooth diseases. Deep cleaning of tooth is also known as scaling.
Tooth Polishing: The main aim of polishing is to make the surface of tooth clean and smooth, so that bacteria's cannot stick on to the tooth.
Visiting your dentist every  six months, will help you to maintain a healthy gum and tooth.
Need for cleaning and polishing
  • Remove stains caused by food, coffee or tobacco
  • Remove tartar or calculus
  • Screening for oral diseases
  • Prevent gum diseases, cavities and oral cancer.

Cleaning or Scaling: Special instruments are used to remove plaque and other deposits. Ultrasonic scaler is used to loosen those hardened tartar from the surface of teeth. A high buzzing sound is heard during this process.
Polishing: Soft rubber cup called spins are used for polishing. This will remove stains and make your teeth smooth. Polishing is done post scaling.
The cost of deep cleaning depends on the amount of plaque and tartar deposits present in mouth.
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