Saturday 26 November 2016

How To Get Rid of Bad Breath ?

Bad Breath or halitosis is an embarrassing condition where people try to avoid opening their mouths anywhere, fearing bad breath. The foul odor makes others cringe and make faces. Bad breath is due to various reasons and it can be divided into two types as transient and permanent.

Transient bad breath is a temporary condition which can be overcome by regular brushing, flossing, and using mouthwashes along with maintaining daily oral hygiene. Permanent Halitosis is to be analyzed carefully because respiratory problems, acid reflux, kidney or liver problems, sinus infection, and pneumonia would be the main causes for permanent bad breath which needs to be treated from the root cause.

Regular and proper brushing keep the teeth and mouth free from germs and bacteria. Selecting an effective tooth paste and proper tooth brush are important elements to maintain oral hygiene. Apart from teeth, the tongue is to be cleaned using tongue cleaners. Since the tongue is the resident of odor-causing bacteria, dental flossing and tongue cleaning keeps one away from halitosis. Rinsing mouth with mouthwash fights against bacteria and keeps the mouth fresh. Non-alcohol based mouthwash does not let the mouth dry. Better opt for such mouthwashes. Chewing gum and chewing peppermint candy also refresh the mouth.

Gargling baking soda mixed in warm water, chewing cardamom, and mint leaves are effective in reducing bad breath. Eating avocado and drinking fenugreek tea helps tackle halitosis. Keeping a couple of cloves on the sides of the inner jaw and extracting juice slowly will effectively treat bad breath. Eating apples, oranges, and sweet lime keep the mouth fresh and free from such bad odor.

Plaque in the mouth causes severe bad breath. Hence, dental visits once in at least six months are advised. Avoiding alcohol, garlic, onion, coffee, and dense protein will naturally omit Bad Smell out of the mouth. Vitamin C compresses cough and cold that ultimately makes the respiration happen through the nose instead of mouth which is the main cause for bacteria formation.

If the halitosis is chronic and uncontrollable, finding the root cause and treating the problem is the right solution to make it stop.

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