Thursday, 29 November 2012

Improve Your Smile through Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

A beautiful, more alluring smile can be the beginning of a more successful lifestyle. Cosmetic dentistry is an emerging field of dentistry dealing with the appearance of teeth. Cosmetic relates to making some acceptable changes to make look younger,better and beautiful. Cosmetic dentistry can be described as any one or more dental treatments that improve the beauty of smile.

Cosmetic dentistry treatment is an effective way to enhance smile through various procedures that include teeth straightening, dental crowns, Dental veneers, Dental bridge, Dental teeth bleaching, Dental cleaning, Orthodontics dental braces and smile designing. There are many techniques and options to treat teeth that are discolored, chipped, misshapen or missing. Common procedures include bleaching, bonding, crowns, veneers and reshaping and contouring. Cosmetic dentistry procedures offer many options for people who are unhappy with their smile. Cosmetic dentist can reshape teeth, close spaces, restore worn or short teeth or alter the length of the teeth.


Cosmetic and dental implant dentistry are relatively new extensions of dental care. The cosmetic dentistry implants offer greater comfort to the patients. Such procedure might be individually done or sometimes done in conjunction with another procedure. That is why millions of people around the world regularly approach an aesthetic dental specialist for cosmetic dental surgery

COSMOZONE Dental Clinic Greater Noida is a leading dental clinic in India. The clinic provides high quality treatments for cosmetic dentistry at very low cost. COSMOZONE is a facial cosmetic surgery center offers affordable cosmetic dental treatments. Cost of cosmetic dental treatments are very low in India.

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Friday, 9 November 2012

Advansed Oral Cancer Surgery

Oral cancer is also known as mouth cancer. Oral cancer can form in the lining of the cheeks, gums, tongue, lips, tonsils, roof of the mouth, and also the salivary glands. Cancer is ultimately the result of normal cell transformation whereby they grow and multiply without normal controls. Unlike regular cells, cancer cells do not experience programmatic death and instead continue to grow and divide. This leads to a mass of abnormal cells that grows out of control.

Mouth cancer is a major health concern around the world. Mouth cancer treatment may include surgery, radiation therapy or chemotherapy. Some patients may have a combination of these treatments. Oral cancer surgery is the most common treatment for mouth cancer. Radiation therapy uses high-energy X-rays or other types of radiation to kill cancer cells or shrink tumors. Chemotherapy is the use of chemicals to destroy cancer cells. Radiation therapy has a much higher chance of success if you do not use tobacco during treatment. The cancer treatment is dependent on the stage of development of the cancer.

Most oral cancers begin in the tongue and in the floor of the mouth. If the cancer is found when it is small, the surgery to remove it is limited. An extensive mouth cancer surgery is needed only when the dental tumors have grown to a large size. Physical removal of the affected part is the most important treatment for mouth cancer. In this procedure, the affected part with a margin of normal tissue is removed and sent for examination. Most common causes of mouth cancer are linked to cigarette smoking, heavy alcohol use, or the use of both tobacco and alcohol together.

Early detection is the best survival way for these cancers. It is the most common cancer among men and the third most common cancer among women. The treatment should be under taken by well-experienced oral surgeons.

COSMOZONE Dental Clinic Greater Noida is one of the best equipped dental clinics in India. The clinic provides latest treatment options for oral cancer surgery at very low cost. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons in COSMOZONE Dental Clinic has many years of experience in dental treatments and oral surgery.

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